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Mystique Science created in 2012, is dedicated in using ancient science and applying to the modern settings and achieving abundance. It aims at using the best of both worlds to achieve abundance and fulfillment in life!!!

Mystique science offers services in streams of Vaastu Shastra and Numerology.

Vaastu Shastra is a 5000 year old science of architecture and design. Written by sages in India. When practiced it ensures alignment of the human thoughts, beliefs and actions according to the basic directions and rules of nature thereby ensuring overall well-being and prosperity in the mankind.

Numerology is a very old science that relates an individual as per his birth (given by nature) to the properties of numbers which represent respective natural traits and properties. Widely used for personality analysis, discovering and utilizing strengths and balancing the deficiencies by using remedial measures like crystals etc.

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Customer Testimonials

Thanks to brinda, she helped me pick the right spelling for the name of my new born baby. She also gave me analysis of my name with my personality which help...
Megha shah
House maker, India
Mystique Science has done a house consulting for me and I am happy to see it done in a way that I understand. Defects and remedies were explained in a scient...
IT Professional, Singapore
MS helped me select a house for rental purpose. We realized the difference when done in a scientific manner and that selection was based on utilizing the ene...
Radhika and Rahul
I was a strong non believer in Vaastu but thanks to Brinda and her suggestions that have helped me and my family in more than one ways to improvise and chann...
Jai Doshi
Businessman, India