Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu literally means place of inhabitance. Shastra means scriptures.

Popularly known as Indian Science of Design and Architecture. A very ancient science that relates to all basic principles of nature and aligns all human "chakras" (spiritually stimulating organs in human body; 7 in number) to attract happy and peaceful living full of abundance in all respects.

This is an all pervasive science and can be applied to every place and its sub units. A plot, house, office, stall, temple, factory, school or hospital.

The principles have been laid out in the scriptures. A lot of creativity and vision is required to adapt those rules in the modern setting.

This is what Mystique Science aims at doing and helping clients worldwide.

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  • Onsite consulting is offered for plot selection, premise selection, residential and/or commercial properties. Our consultant will visit your premise and advise you on the ideal layout vs the current structure. List of defects and probable remedies will be provided in the form of a report. Other useful tips will also be included
  • Following are some details:
    • Pre-requisites: A current map of the premise (Office/Residential/Plot)
    • What you get: A complete report of analyzing every part of the premise. The list of defects and probable remedial solutions. Mystique Science focusses on correction without demolition as far as possible
    • Overseas onsite consulting: Please write to to discuss all conditions
  • Onsite consulting is very useful for architects, interior designers, dwellers and businessmen:
    • Vaastu for plot selection
    • Vaastu for Office
    • Vaastu for Premise selection (residential/commercial)
    • Vaastu for Factory/Industry
    • Vaastu for Salon
    • Vaastu for Home (includes, wealth, health, career and relationships)
    • Vaastu for Gymnasium
    • Vaastu for Restaurant
    • Vaastu for Temple
    • Vaastu for Property developers and Architects
    • Vaastu for Interior designers

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  • MS offers online consulting through skype calls and email reports. Time to delivery will be between 3-7 business days
  • Clients can avail of full report or solution to any individual focus areas. Following are some of the focus points:
    • Vaastu for Selection of Plot/ House/Commercial premise
    • Vaastu for Money/Treasury
    • Vaastu for Children
    • Vaastu for Marriage/ Relationships/Family
    • Vaastu for Health
    • Vaastu for Women
    • Vaastu for Executives/Jobs/ Career/Opportunities

  • Online consulting can be used by architects, property developers, interior designers, dwellers and businessmen.

  • MS will soon roll out the curriculum and workshop dates
  • MS can make customized presentations to speak about the subject at various locations (national and internationally)
  • For further information please write to

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Customer Testimonials

Thanks to brinda, she helped me pick the right spelling for the name of my new born baby. She also gave me analysis of my name with my personality which help...
Megha shah
House maker, India
Mystique Science has done a house consulting for me and I am happy to see it done in a way that I understand. Defects and remedies were explained in a scient...
IT Professional, Singapore
MS helped me select a house for rental purpose. We realized the difference when done in a scientific manner and that selection was based on utilizing the ene...
Radhika and Rahul
I was a strong non believer in Vaastu but thanks to Brinda and her suggestions that have helped me and my family in more than one ways to improvise and chann...
Jai Doshi
Businessman, India
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