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Know more about Mrs Brinda D

Mrs Brinda D is the founder of Mystique Science. Armed with a Certificate in Vastu Shastra Education and Numerology, she has been a trusted source for Vastu Shastra and Numerology consultation. She has diverse experience in providing recommendations and remediation for residential and commercial properties, villas and resorts and working with architects and interior designers for internal placements and structure designs.

Her expertise in number trends has made her a most sought after numerologist. She regularly consults and suggests remedies for eminent personalities. Her name corrections, auspicious date suggestions, gemstone and general forecast are famous with her clients.

The academic background of Mrs Brinda D in science provides her with the right mix of expertise to translate the ancient sciences to the 21st-century context backed with explanations and evidence of their workings through modern sciences. Her explanations, recommendations and remedies are easy to understand and follow. 

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