How to decide career based on date of birth

How to decide career based on date of birth

Numerology is the study of numerology, the art of finding and interpreting your birth information through numbers. In general, the birth number and the line number are connected to each other, though it varies from one person to another. This science of numerology can also be used to tell if someone will marry and to determine where they will go to school or live when they grow up. If you were born in the year which is called 011, you can easily predict that you will have a job and a life which are in this exact year. For instance, if you were born in the year 2020, you would be much more likely to get married than if you were born in the year 1980.

In numerology, the numbers from 1 to 9 has represented a set of characters that affect individual person. These characters help in deciding the career or which field of work is good and suits your ability. This increases the possibility of success in career and work satisfaction. So before we discuss how the numbers from 1 to 9 affect an individual’s life we discuss how to calculate the destiny number with the help of your date of birth.

For example, you born on 1-1-1999.

Then you need to add these numbers in order to get the destiny number. That is 1+1+1+9+9+9. The sum is 3. You can select both 3 and the birth date that is 1. So, in this example your destiny number is 1 and 3, you can refer to one number from these two as per your interest in your career.

So, let’s see how the numbers affect the life of individuals.

Number 1: Number 1 represents the sun. People who are born on these numbers shine like the sun. Number 1 people have a leadership attitude. They have leading qualities and are always positive attitudes towards life. They make the best leaders and entrepreneurs. They are always ready to bring solutions for the problem that’s why they make the best businessmen. Ratan Tata, Bill gates and Mukesh Ambani belongs to these dates. They are the best examples to show the characteristics of number 1. Most suitable jobs for the number 1 people are – Jewellery business, Doctors, Administrative services, Business Executives and Politicians.

Number 2:Number 2 represents the moon. Moon represents the emotional qualities of a person. Behaviour and changes in feelings can be observed during full and no moon. They find balance and peace in things. Number 2 people are creative and they go very deep to solve others problems. A career which suits them is art, fashion designing and acting. They are good in friendship and relationships.

Number 3: 3 is the Jupiter number. People with this number are wealthy. They make the best businessmen. Number 3 its energy is youthful and positive towards life. People with number 3 is highly creative and possess creative expressions. People with these numbers are communicative, artistic and charming. Because they are communicative, they win in all kinds of expressions. They are naive, unfocussed and shallow. As they are innocent, they are unaware of realities. A career that suits them is teaching, government jobs, civil service and banking.

Number 4 This is Uranus number which is Rahu. People who are born on these numbers are mysterious and secret. They are interested in searching for some mysterious things. Number 4 people are solid, strong and courageous. They hate to adapt to change. That’s why they lose opportunities. Work which suits them is education, engineering, journalism, social worker and business executives, leader and politicians.

Number 5:Number 5 people are very quick in their decisions and thoughts and they are impulsive in their actions. They have good communication skills and they convince people very easily. They are good stock traders. A career which suits them is sales executives and government services.

Number 6: Planet Venus rules this number. Venus is the indication of luxury, rich feeling and strong feeling always an ambition. People who born on this date are ambitious and they are influenced by Venus planet. Number 6 people love luxury life, luxury cars etc. The Career which suits for them is acting, modelling, business, art and singing.

Number 7 This is planet Neptune’s number. A career that suits them is arts, medicine, communication, carpenter, teacher, scientist and engineering.

Number 8   number 8 is Saturn’s number. Saturn is known for justice. So, people with this number always face problems. If they work hard, they achieve anything. As the lord is Saturn, people influenced by this number always think twice and take decisions. A career that suits them is the HR department in a company and fashion designing.

Number 9:  People who are born in this number are excellent sportsmen. They make good sportsmen. The Career that suits them is sports, business.

Number 11 People who are born on this day impress anyone by their skills. These people have great energy and a positive, pure aura that when they enter a room their energy spreads all over there.

Number 22: This the master number and mighty number. They are extremely talented and powerful. People with these master number has good and enhanced understanding of spirituality. These people are very successful.

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