Numerology For Career

Numerology For Career

Numerology For Career: 

We often do not understand the power of numbers and how they impact on the different aspects of our lives. Numerology, the ancient study of numbers, helps us to perceive the value of numbers in the course of our lives. Numerology deals with the important numbers in our lives and their constant effects. Numbers not only define your present but also measure your future. Numerology believes the events in our lives are connected with numbers.

What is the definition of a Life Path Number?

According to Numerology, Life Path Number is the most effective number that guides the path of our lives. Life Path Number indicates our innate capabilities and characteristics that help to predict suitable career opportunities for us.

How can the Life Path Number be calculated? 

The method of calculating someone’s single-digit Life Path Number is easy. Your Life Path Number is measured on the basis of your birth date. The procedure just involves some basic additions to find someone’s Life Path Number using his or her birth date. All you have to do is to decrease every number to a single digit unless they are master numbers such as 11, 22, or 33. Master numbers will be calculated as they are.

Suppose, your birthday is on 13 November 1990 or 13.11.1990

By performing the following steps, you can find your Life Path Number easily.

Step 1: Reducing the Month

As the number of the month is 11, it is a master number. So, you just leave it as 11.


Step 2: Reducing the Date

13 becomes 1+3 and the result of the addition is 4.


Step 3: Reducing the year

1990 can be reduced by adding 1, 9, 9, 0 and the result will be 19.

19 is neither a single-digit number in our master number. So, you have to keep on reducing it until it becomes a single number.

1 + 9 = 10

1 + 0 =  1


Step 4: Make an addition between the three resulting numbers and reduce the final result to a single digit or a master number.

11 + 4 + 1 = 16

1 + 6 = 7

So, 7 is the life path number of that person.


Life Path Number 1: 

Personality Traits:  These people are born with leadership qualities and they have the power to motivate others. They are goal-oriented and tend to plan for the future. People with Life Path Number 1 are innovative.

Career Opportunities: Being natural leaders, these people earn success as entrepreneurs. You can also become self-employed as an artist, farmer, contractor, graphic designer, and freelance photographer. Due to your leadership qualities, you can also go for jobs in the legal department and military. Politicians, executives, and managers are also good positions for you.


Life Path Number 2: 

Personality Traits: You are unbiased about your decisions and you possess great communication skills. So, your understanding approach towards people helps you to work better in a team.

Career Opportunities: Being a socially amicable and diplomat person, you can choose professions like lawyer, politician, minister, caregiver, counselor, etc. Your humanitarian nature can help you to become a doctor or nurse as well.


Life Path Number 3: 

Personality Traits: Your natural creativity and artistic flair make you unconventional. People with Life Path Number 3 are enthusiastic and versatile.

Career Opportunities: You can find a reputed position for yourself in the entertainment industry. Advertisement and journalism can also be suitable fields of work for you.


Life Path Number 4: 

Personality Traits: You are a detail-oriented and organized person. Your humble and disciplined nature will help you to work in a schedule.

Career Opportunities: In your career, you can succeed as an industrialist, engineer, or financial advisor. As an organized person, you can become an accountant or project manager.


Life Path Number 5: 

Personality Traits: You are high on life and love to communicate with people. Your passion for traveling provides you the zeal of life.

Career Opportunities: Your enthusiasm will help you excel in all types of professions. Your suitable fields of work can be advertising, public relations, marketing communication, radio, etc. It is better if you can work as a freelancer because you are not ideal for a regular job.


Life Path Number 6:

Personality Traits: You are a balanced person who is filled with positivity and compassion. Your power of seeing beauty on everything makes you unique.

Career Opportunities: Due to your compassionate nature, you can choose occupations like a counselor, hostess, pediatrician, nurse, social worker, etc. Your aesthetic perspective makes you perfect for working as an interior decorator, graphic, designer, and fashion designer.


Life Path Number 7: 

Personality Traits: Your ability to solve people’s problems make you a great healer. You like to listen to the difficulties of people. You are imaginative and have the skill to analyze things.

Career Opportunities: Being an analytical person, you can enhance as a detective, researcher, business analyst, etc. Your healing ability makes you ideal for professions like a nurse, doctor, psychologist, and social worker.


Life Path Number 8: 

Personality Traits: The people with Life Path Number 8 possess a philanthropic nature. You are presentable on public platforms. You are ambitious enough and want to earn a reputation for your work.

Career Opportunities: Your hardworking attitude can make you successful in fields like finance, accounts, stock trading, and medicine. Also, jobs like law and banking are also suitable for you.


Life Path Number 9 : 

Personality Traits:  You are a natural healer and possess creativity and artistic qualities. Your inclination towards making a positive change in society makes you a humanitarian person.

Career Opportunities: Social activist, writer, volunteer, musician, human resources, and painter can be your ideal professions to enhance your innate abilities.


The practice of numerology exists in different cultures in the world. Though people have the freedom to choose their own career options, the invisible force of numbers in the path of our careers cannot be ignored. Life Path Number is not only for making assumptions about your career, but it also denotes the unique features of your personality. For centuries, numerology has proved to be almost accurate in making predictions about someone’s career and thus, the practice has gained the faith of people all across the world.

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