Numerology For Health

Numerology for Health

Numerology For Health

Numerology For Health:

Being healthy is one of the most essential aspects of our life. Your health is related to your wealth. A healthy life is indeed a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life. Don’t you think it would have been great if you could predict your health conditions? Prediction can help you to be more cautious about your health conditions so that you can deal with our health issues in advance. The governing numbers in your life have the power to foretell about your health issues. Each of these numbers is controlled by a particular planet. Rays that are emerged from these planets give an impact on your lifestyle and especially your health condition.

Each part of your body is controlled by a certain number.

Number 1 controls your upper abdomen and heart.

Number 2 controls your blood, chest, heart, and lungs.

Number 3 influences the conditions of your limbs, muscles, and thighs.

Your respiratory organs are controlled by Number 4.

Number 5 controls hands, respiratory track, neck, collar and naval bones, and lower abdomen.

Number 6 rules body parts like ears, eyes, face, tongue, nose, genitals, and semen.

Number 7 governs your skin and brain.

Number 8 controls your bones, knees, flesh, and breathing.

Your brain, head, bladder, and kidney are governed by Number 9. 

According to numerology, your health is influenced by your birth date. Your psychic number that is derived from your birth date reveals the tendencies of your health issues.

People who are birth dates are on 1st, 19th, 10th, and 28th of a month are under the rule of Sun. They usually possess good health but they are inclined to health issues like cardiac issues, problems of the eye, High blood pressure during old age, and sunstroke.

These people have a strong immune system but they can face health issues during old age when they can be admitted to the hospital. They have the strength of the fast recovery. They should do oil massage on their body for the proper function of their blood circulation process. Stress and mental pressure should be avoided for physical well being.


People whose birth dates are on 2nd, 20th, 11th, and 29th  of a month come under the governance of Moon. These people are prone to health issues like improper blood circulation, anemia, indigestion and stomach, insomnia, mental stress, and breathing problems.

These people are sensitive. So, they often suffer from emotional pain. Meditation can help them to get read of excessive stress whereas drinking water regularly and a healthy diet can protect them from indigestion.


People who have their birthdays on 3rd, 21st, 12th, and 30th of a month are influenced by Jupiter. Their health issues include problems in the lungs and chest, paralysis, diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases, sore throat, etc.

They are prone to physical issues related to the air. Oil massage makes their bodies stronger. Mediation and morning walk is helpful for their health. Relaxing music helps to calm down their nerves.


People whose birth dates are on 4th, 22nd, 13th, 31st of a month falls under the reign of Rahu. They are inclined to health problems like depression, cardiac issues, poor respiratory system, cough, urinary infection, etc.

Their health issues cannot be cured easily. So, they need regular care and a balanced diet can be helpful for their health. Sugar must be avoided by them. Including green vegetables and herbal tea is beneficial for these people.


Mercury is the ruling planet for people whose birth dates are on the 5th, 23rd, and 14th of a month. They suffer from health problems like kidney disorders, nervousness, insomnia, and skin diseases.

Their health conditions can be recovered by regular meditation and a sufficient amount of sleep. They should try to avoid mental stress and worries. Citrus fruits, carrot, and leafy vegetables should be added to their diet.


People who are born on the 6th, 24th and 15th of a month are controlled by Venus. They go through health issues like influenza, nervousness, fever, and cardiac problems. Women may face issues with their breasts. Infections in the lungs, nose, or throat can also attack them.

Otherwise healthy people, they usually suffer because of their careless approach towards their health. Avoiding oily and spicy food is very helpful for their good health. Yoga and morning walk also helps them to remain fit.


People who are born on the 7th, 25, and 16th of a month are influenced by Ketu. Their health issues include skin disorders, infections, poor blood circulation system, stress, arthritis, etc.   

Their mental strength is greater than their physical strength. They should not take an excessive workload. Fresh fruit juices and vegetables are beneficial for their strong health system. Walking near a water body and relaxing music can give relaxation to their bodies.


People having their birth dates on the 8th, 26th, and 17th of a month comes under the rule of Saturn.

Regular body massage with mustard oil helps them to gain fitness. They usually suffer from prolonged illness. Honey and fruit juices are great for their health. Avoiding junk food, alcohol and drugs is the best option for their good health.


Mars is the governing planet for people who are born on the 9th, 27th, and 18th of a month. These people tend towards diseases like fever, measles, kidney disorders, chickenpox, troubled throat, etc.

Avoiding addictive products like alcohol and drugs is advisable for them. Milk and saffron should be included in their diet. Body massage and morning walk give them fitness. It will be best for them to avoid excessive excitement and negativity.


How to calculate psychic numbers? 

Your psychic number is a single-digit number that is obtained from a person’s birth date.

If your birth date is on the 7th of a month then your psychic number is 7. If you are born on 15 of a month then your psychic number will be 1+5=6. To calculate someone’s psychic number, the numbers in his or her birth date must be reduced to a single-digit number.

The study of numerology has made a successful prediction about people’s health for many centuries. The prediction based on numerology makes us careful towards our health and helps us to avoid harmful elements for our health.

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