Numerology Wish Pyramid As Per Pythagorean

Numerology Wish Pyramid As Per Pythagorean

Numerology Wish Pyramid As Per Pythagorean

Numerology or the study of numbers is a part of many cultures in the world. Numerology reveals certain features of our character and makes predictions about our future. Therefore, numerology plays a significant role in assuming the future events of our lives. The modern practice of numerology is extensively inspired by western numerologist Pythagoras who created a particular formula during the 7th century BCE. Pythagoras applied the numbers 1-9 to form a triangle. The triangle is called the Pythagorean triangle that calculates our Life Path Number.

Life Path Number is considered to be the most important number in our numerological chart. This number has the biggest influence in determining our lives. It inspires all the possible areas of our life based on our personality. 11 and 22 are called master numbers and they do not need to be reduced to single numbers.

The Pythagorean triangle for Life Path Number is based on the birth date of a person. By summing up the numbers present in a person’s date of birth, we finally derive the Life Path Number through this triangle. The process is mathematical and has a great impact on measuring a person’s characteristics. The Life Path number will always be a single-digit number.

How To Calculate Life Path Number Based On Pythagorean Triangle?

The calculation of Life Path Number using the Pythagorean triangle is a work of basic addition. Suppose Your birthday is on December 25, 1995  or 25.10.1999

There will be a simple addition inside the triangle.

Birthdate will be calculated as 2+5= 7

The month of birth will be calculated as 1+2 = 3

The year of birth will be calculated in two separate parts.

The first portion will be 1=9= 10 and according to the rule of numerology, the zero will be erased. So, the result of the first part is 9+5=14. As a single-digit number is needed, the result of the second part will be  1+4= 5

The numbers will be added together in the second row. 7+3=10, 1+0=1


And finally, by adding 1 and 6, we get the Life Path Number 7.

According to Pythagorean Triangle Numerology, each Life Path Number has its own merits and demerits that determine the upcoming events in their lives.


Life Path Number 1:

Strengths: People with Life Path 1 possess strong leadership qualities. They are independent and ambitious human beings. They are conscious about their moral values. 

Drawbacks: Due to their upfront nature, they often feel lonely. They are stubborn and self-centered.


Life Path Number 2:

Strengths: People of Life Path Number 2 are born with great communication skills. They can easily become friends with their surroundings. They have good control over their mood.

Drawbacks: They have indecisiveness in their nature. They are soft-hearted and often fail to assert their opinions.


Life Path Number 3:

Strengths: Number 3 people believe in the power of actions. They are creative people and clear about their thoughts. They are proactive about their work which helps them to move forward in life.

Drawbacks: They sometimes lose their temper over small things. Their impulsive and mischievous nature often creates obstacles in their lives. 


Life Path Number 4:

Strengths: They have innate skills in planning useful strategies. They are intelligent enough and punctual about their work. They have a hunger for knowledge and love to learn new things.

Drawbacks: They are too upfront to be tolerated by people. They suffer from insecurities. They are impatient regarding their work. Also, they are big procrastinators. 


Life Path Number 5:

Strengths: They have a strong reflex. Their curious souls yearn for freedom. They have a strong sense of direction. 

Drawbacks: They are impatient while trying to improve themselves. Their short-tempered and stubborn nature often leads to their destruction.


Life Path Number 6:

Strengths:  People of Life Path Number 65 are caring towards their families. Their imaginative nature gives birth to an artistic perspective in them.  They are wise enough to make the right choices.

Drawbacks: Their pride and ego often make them notorious in society. They are too materialistic.


Life Path Number 7:

Strengths: They are good at analyzing things. They are pious people who keep faith in religion. They are lucky people with the ability to communicate with others.

Drawbacks: They do not pay adequate attention to matters. They are indecisive. Their habit of procrastinating often hampers their work.


Life Path Number 8:

Strengths: You can easily trust on people with Life Path NUMBER 8. They are loyal people. They show responsibility for their work.

Drawbacks: They are not organized in their work. They become too anxious about their work. Often they suffer from oppression.


Life Path Number 9:

Strengths: People with Life Path Number 9 are dreamers. They have an appropriate mind for business. They are liberal in nature and optimistic about their future.

Drawbacks: Due to their business-minded nature, they often fall under the trap of greed. They are loners and often get too emotional. They are not detail-oriented and often become unrealistic about their dreams.


The Pythagorean Triangle Numerology or Wish Pyramid is considered to be the most practical tool for measuring the characteristics of a person. As the procedure is based on pure mathematics, it is more scientific than any other method. The procedure has gained worldwide popularity due to its accurate predictions. Anyone can know about the positive and negative aspects of his or her personality using the Pythagorean theory. It is a simple method that helps you to upgrade yourself in life. Since the invention of this method 4000 years ago, it has gone through several types of research by scholars and numerologists, All of them, have found it to be useful. The traits of your personality revealed in this method are often influenced by your surroundings and education. Thus, it can vary from one person to another. Despite all the influencing factors, The Pythagorean triangle always shows all the general aspects of a person’s character and helps in your betterment.

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