Vastu audit applies to


  • Selection of plot
  • Selection of home (apartments, villa, bungalow and so on)
  • Internal energy balance for an existing house
  • Selling property as an asset



  • Latest unit map of the house
  • Birth details of the owner
  • Home unit number
  • Full payment

What to expect


  • Onsite Vastu Analysis
  • Internal and External Environment Analysis
  • Analysis of Door, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Children’s room and Other rooms
  • Activation methods for auspicious sectors: Wealth, Health and Relationships
  • Date Selection for Renovation



  • Requirement Gathering
  • Site Visit
  • Charting and Report Preparation
  • Remedies Implementation



  • Astrology-Numerology – Vastu combines remedies are suggested
  • We try and suggest remedies without any structural change to avoid the cost and logistic problems for clients
  • Clients purchase the remedies
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