The Benefits of Pranic Healing

The Benefits of Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a modality of energy healing that was invented by Master Choa Kok Sui in 1987 after twenty years of meticulous research. The definition of Prana is “energy” or “life force.” It is also called chi or ki. Prana is regarded as an essential part of your “invisible” energy anatomy and is needed for performing all the physical procedures. Pranic Healing is about purifying and energizing. Our bodies come into contact with polluted or diseased material on a daily basis. This energy is “pulled” away from the aura and chakras in Pranic Healing. Then, Fresh prana is guided to the areas where quick healing is required.

One significant feature of Pranic Healing that distinguishes it from other modalities of energy healing is its application of defined protocols. Through his studies, Master Choa discovered that 90 percent of people with a specific ailment had similar energetic conditions or habits as any other with the same ailment. For example, They will have the same areas of congestion and degradation. Then, Master Choa made tailored protocols for nearly every imaginable illness. These consist of concrete measures to cure the ailment, including the places and procedures to be treated. Using these protocols means a going through healing procedure specially designed for each person.


History of Pranic Healing:-

Master Choa Kok Sui, the inventor of Pranic Healing, wanted to create a modality of energy that would help to erase the pains of humanity. In the meantime, he researched different modalities for healing energy. He also made efforts to collaborate with them and validate their principles and mechanisms. In addition, he was inspired by simple energy healing strategies such as ridding a person of ill energy and replacing it with new, fresh energy for life. The elimination of negative energy is called sweeping / cleansing in Pranic Healing, and the replacement with positive energy is known as energizing. These methods are similar to those used in other healing schools/modalities to clean and energize.

Master Choa not only limited himself to reading up on other healing arts while inventing Pranic Healing but he also partnered with Mang Mike and Mang Nenet, two Filipino clairvoyants. He conducted experiments with them painstakingly; then he would make them observe and track the experiments. After that, he would cross-check them about their findings. Neither of the clairvoyants was aware of it, however, as Master Chao did not examine it in such a way that it would be obvious to them. Finally, Pranic Healing was born after countless efforts and experiments by Master  Choa Kok Sui for almost twenty years.

Pranic Healing started its journey in the year 1987 as a fully developed process. Chao founded the Institute for Internal Studies in Quezon City, Philippines that same year to provide a way of spreading Pranic Healing to various parts of the globe. Three years later the World Pranic Healing Foundation was established to introduce Pranic Healing to poor and needy nations. The Philippine Pranic Healing Foundation was formed in 2002 with the purpose of spreading Pranic Healing in the Philippines. The disciples of Master Chao include Master Danny Gorgonia, Master Faith Sawey, Master Hermie Corcuera, and Master Hector Ramos who contributed to the spreading of  Pranic Healing throughout its birthplace, the Philippines.

Now, Pranic Healing has been a globally renowned method of energy healing that has helped to improve and cure several lives. Ideally, Pranic Healing will become a way of life for more people in the years ahead. Therefore humanity will thrive and grow even further.


How to use Pranic Healing?

There are four levels of Pranic Healing through which you can practice the procedures. They are-

1.  Level 1 Healing

This level also helps to sensitize the hands; to scan the energetic bodies of the patients; to clean, stabilize and release the expected energy; to avoid contamination by disconnecting the ‘energy cord’ between themselves and the patients, and to speed up the cycle of healing by making the patient more compassionate.

2. Advanced Pranic Healing:

This is the degree that teaches the learners to purify and revitalize the bodies of patients by applying the even more powerful ‘color pranas’ effectively.

 3. Pranic Psychotherapy:

In this level, the learners are taught how to make use of the ‘color pranas’ for curing a psychologically distressed patient.

4. Pranic Crystal Healing:

According to this level, different types of crystals are used to firmly project ‘prana’ in patients.

There is a basic procedure through which one can easily do the pranic healing meditation. They are as follows-

  • The first step is called ‘cleansing,’ in which you have to perform a few basic exercises to purify the etheric body for a period of 10 minutes. During this meditation, a large amount of subtle energies is produced and accumulated (called ‘pranic congestion’) in our body, which can be reduced through these exercises by pushing out the ‘used-up prana’ (a grayish matter).
  • The next step ‘invocation’ is one of the most important parts of any procedure of meditation. The purpose of this step is to pray for sublime blessings which are necessary for proper assistance, appropriate guidance, and ultimate protection.
  • This meditation’s third step is called the ‘Heart Chakra activation.’ which begins by pressing your heart region for just a few seconds with a few fingertips and concentrate on your heart chakra. Now imagine the entire world as a sparkling ball and bless everyone in it. Imagine that everybody, including you, gets a wonderful sense of harmony, hope, delight, and devotion.
  • In the fourth step, ‘Crown Chakra activation’, just push the top part of your head for a few seconds with a few fingers like the previous step and concentrate on your Crown Chakra. Give blessings to the entire world.
  • Then, imagine a bright white light produced by your Crown Chakra is filling the entire universe. Bless both white and golden light coming out of your heart. Your blessing will become even more powerful as two chakras are lined up this time. Feel the same wave of good energy flowing through the mind and body once again.
  • The next step includes ‘achievement of enlightenment which is nothing but enhancement of knowledge and wisdom. Imagine a powerful white light on your Crown Chakra, and simultaneously chant the mantras ‘OM’ and ‘AMEN.’ Concentrate on the light and the intervals of two mantras. If you keep doing this for 15 to 20 minutes, it will help you focus simultaneously on both of things. It is the moment when you sense or imagine an ‘explosion of light’ within yourself.
  • Finally, For several minutes, bless the earth, while letting the energy pass through your hand. Make sure the body is at the usual, stable state. Or, afterward, you’ll feel intense headaches and chest pain.


Now here are a few other techniques of Pranic Healing Meditation that have achieved intense popularity among humans. However, only after you have learned the basic process, you will be able to do this.

  • Arhatic Yoga (safe and quick ‘evolution’ of the mind)
  • Sexual Alchemy (understanding divine sexuality and mastering its techniques)
  • Super Brain Yoga (improved perception and concentration)
  • Three Hearts Meditation (reaching inner peace and divine enlightenment)
  • Mind Realization Meditation (knowing about self, higher consciousness, and inner divinity)
  • Universal and cabbalistic meditation on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ (associating the phrases of ‘The Lord’s Prayer with our body’s vital energy centers)
  • Meditation on ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’


Benefits of Pranic Healing:-

Pranic healing has great beneficiary impacts on our bodies and souls. These include-

  • This method can be effective to bring down the temperature for children when they suffer from high fever.
  • Besides fever, the procedure works really well to cure coughs and colds as well.
  • Pranic Healing also helps to recover major ailments including eye, liver, kidney, and also cardiac diseases. The conditions can improve within just a few hours.
  • It also increases your energy level and improves your all-over health.
  • Enhancement of inner peace and happiness.
  • Improvement of your memory and focus.
  • Fast spiritual growth
  • Reduction of stress levels.
  • It also produces good luck and prosperity.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Development of self-esteem.
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